Reed’s Relevance

So Reed and I had this idea that he would have a little post every week called Reed’s Relevance. Let me know how you feel about it by rating it or giving it a comment below. Without further adue heres Reed.

Hello, my name is Reed and I work at Wendy’s. I dislike my job not because the work is hard but because I feel looked down upon by all customers. Customers ask stupid questions then look at me like I’m stupid when they want something we don’t serve. Even though I am a college student just working to make extra money, I have more common sense than ANY manager who has ever worked for any fast food restaurant. Furthermore, I have more important things going on in my life than a part time job and might not take it as serious as a shift leader or manager that does not make me lazy. I don’t see how anyone could ever work for a fast food restaurant for more than 3 years it is too stressful especially for minimum wage. As for co-workers don’t expect me to bail you out when the big bosses come if you don’t listen to what I say as I see them coming around…. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. Not to sure if that applies to this situation but it seems relevant to me.

One thought on “Reed’s Relevance

  1. Your Girlfriend* says:

    do i get something special on this website? cause we all know i’ll get rich and famous before you too will and you’re going to see my name and face everywhere you go… if you would like a supply of money i would appreciate some shout outs. please and thanks.

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