Reed’s Relevance

Hello, my name is Reed some of you might know me I’m kind of a big deal. Anyways, today I would like to share my thoughts about fake friendship. Everyone describes friendship a little bit differently but they all have the same basic principals.
Fake friends always expect a person to come visit, call and see about them, but they don’t want to give the same effort into the friendship. They think that’s it okay not to give their effort to put back into the friendship at all, which kills the friendship (if you can even call it that).
Fake friends cannot keep a secret. They want everyone to like and trust them so they tell everyone something so that they will gain secret information about that person.
I would much rather have a few real friends than 100,000 fake ones. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer. Not too sure if that applies to this situation but it seems relevant to me.


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