Too Long.

Its been way too long, so long i thought I forgot my password, but no fear i remembered it. I kinda stopped blogging cause I thought no one looked at it but to my surprise there has been about 10 of you that said you actually missed it. Big thanks to the people that actually keep up and like what I do. This one is what I think is a SMANGER. The newest rapper/producer/own agent, he does it all, Olu. Not as good as my man Xaphoon Jones, Olu samples everything himself and produces his songs himself. Although it’s a rough recording because like most of you he’s 19 years old and a freshman at Bowling Green, his lyrics speak for themselves. Heres a little sample, I’m not sure what song I like the most of his so here’s a random one.

He has a new mixtape out called Boys and Girls so heres a link to that.
Boys and Girls

My prediction, a he’s going to join people like Big Sean, Wiz, and Donnis, to be apart of the XXL Freshman this coming year in 2012. Stay on the look out.

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