He Can Rap, Just Not Marketable.

I mean look at this guys hair. You’ve seen Hoodie Allen on here before, I think. Well anyways he has a mixtape thats pretty good called Pep Rally (I’ll throw a download link down there) its a good mixtape to listen to in between your favorite artist when they’re not putting much out. You know to switch it up. But here’s his first video off the mixtape and it reminds me a lot of and MGMT type feel minus him dancing around in the video.

Heres the mixtape.
Pep Rally

5 thoughts on “He Can Rap, Just Not Marketable.

  1. hoodie says:

    thanks for ur support, can’t wait to prove you wrong as you continue to judge off of looks!


    • UH-OH says:

      Do it man. I’d love to see you succeed. It was a good mixtape. I’m not going to back track like a bitch just cause you said this. I’m going to stand by what I say but I’d love to see you succeed. follow your dreams.

      • hoodie says:

        haha i wouldn’t respect you if you did. more stuff on the way, know it comes from a sincere place. otherwise i wouldn’t be finding blogs and interacting with people.

        take care

      • UH-OH says:

        keep your grind man. i always respect someone no matter what if they make it even justin beiber. I might not respect or like his music, but i respect that hes made it. follow your dreams man.

  2. Vinnietherapper says:

    I mess with this song the beat is good i like the chous a will listen though

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