Copy Catters.


So as much as I love the sound of Dre Beats I was looking forward to the 50 cent headphones because they had a lot of differences that were a lot better…..Well looks like Dre just copied them. The 50 Cent Syncs pictures were released earlier and now that Dre has seen them he has kind of copied the whole thing except for how the music gets to them. The new WIRELESS beats will have the controls on the ear piece and will work off of Bluetooth. Well 50 has been set back with his release after being dropped from his first company and now has a set that is wireless, now specified how they connect but its some sort of wireless headphone jack, has controls on the ear and can be played while up to 50 feet away. I think more people will buy Beats because of the name but I think that the Syncs will be better. Well lets just wait and see.

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