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10 oz. Authentics

Is simpler really better? Vans is coming out with a new pack entitled 10 oz. Canvas Authentics.  It is going to come out in 3 different colors and features hiking boot laces to give the already plain but classy vans a different look. These shoes are now available through Atlas.


Vans “Cord” Authentic Pack with Beauty & Youth

So I found a new release coming from Vans and Beauty & Youth of 3 pairs of corduroy authentic skate shoes. Personally I think that the authentics are the best shoes that Vans puts out. The “cords” will be released in November 2011 in three color ways. Their tried and true and are still my favorite shoe. Check out some of the pictures below.


Nike Lebron 8 v2

Now Lebron might not be playing his best basketball we’ve ever seen but these shoes are pretty tough. These aren’t out yet but keep looking in stores to find them. Also watch out this week for when Lebron returns to Cleveland to play against his former team.

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