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Alright so its not wednesday but Wale decided to drop a new freestyle today. As always Wale kills it, I’m just going to stop there because What More Can I Say?

What More Can I Say Freestyle


25 Wives

Coming from two of the best lyricist in the rap game right now is the newest edition to your Ipod, 25 Wives. If you might know Chip Tha Ripper is in my top 3 rappers out right now and everyone knows what Wale, the poet, brings to the table. When you get a smooth beat from Boi-1da and you put Chip and Word Play Le you get an instant classic.

25 Wives

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Wale and Cudi

Alright so who ever thought that Wale and Cudi would actually do a song together. Wale actually goes in pretty hard in this slower song and Cudi as always comes through with the classic lonely stoner hook, well not stoner anymore but you know. I’m just a little upset that Cudi didn’t put in a verse, I mean Wale killed it but everyone wants to find that glimmer of hope that Cudi is the same person. I mean drugs don’t make a person but his music has been a lot different since. Also I’m guessing this will be on Wale’s album Ambition coming out 11/1/11 I could be wrong though. Click to listen and download and as always put someone on.

Focused Ft. Kid Cudi

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Word Play Le

Wale has a new song with Lloyd called “Lets Chill”. Its pretty dope and Wale comes through with some pretty smart rhymes and as always he gives a ton of respect to women unlike other artists in the rap game. Although girls belong in the kitchen, they should be treated with respect and Wale knows this. Give it a listen, have your girl make you a sandwich, and chill with her.
Lets Chill

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Another Banger?

So this song dropped like 2 hours ago and its another Word Play LE (Wale) and Roscoe Dash song. Now of course you know this is going to be a banger when these two get together I mean look at the last song. So this isn’t the best audio quality but you get the jist. Keep on the look out for a better version.


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