10 oz. Authentics

Is simpler really better? Vans is coming out with a new pack entitled 10 oz. Canvas Authentics.  It is going to come out in 3 different colors and features hiking boot laces to give the already plain but classy vans a different look. These shoes are now available through Atlas.


Beats BoomBox

With the rising publicity that Beats by Dre are getting they decided to release and Ipod/Iphone docking boom box. Now I haven’t listened to it yet but I doubt this will have any type of sound close to the headphones, I could be wrong though. But if your really into it be ready to shell out some bones to the tune of 399 dollars. As for me I’ll pass on this and wait for 50 cent to drop his headphones because sorry Dre but their about to be 2 times better, only 2 though.

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