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Rostrum Throwbacks.

So for today I have a little treat for you guys. I rummaged through some stuff online and I found two unreleased tracks by the two headliners of Rostrum Records Wiz and Mac. Their two pretty good tracks but I think I like the Wiz one better however I like what Mac has to say in his. You can┬ádefinitely┬átell that their two super early tracks because their voices almost don’t sound the same. Give them a listen and as always put some one on.

You Gonna Love Me

Stop Bitchin

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This Plane (Remix)

This remix of Wiz Khalifa’s This Plane is done by Viceroy Jet Life and is pretty dope. They take an already good song and turn a chill but upbeat banger. I like how they bring us a sort of island vibe to carry us through the last part of our nice weather. So put your windows down enjoy the fall breeze and jam to a Khalifa remix.
This Plane (Viceroy Jet Life Remix)



Alright, so I refuse to believe hes starting to sell out but 2 bad verses in one week. I guess everyone can have their off weeks? This 16 isn’t as bad as the diddy song but its close. Wiz, please stop putting 16’s on a song just to be there, make quality music. please. Anyways, this songs with Jamie Fox and it sounds ok. Give it a try.

Best Night of my Life

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a new song between Dirty Money (diddy’s group), Wiz, Steven and Chris Brown came out today. I personally hated this song. Sometimes you have to just get some paper. Me and Chaz both decided that artists will jump on a track for the money. So I thought this might have been Wiz’s paylist and not a actual song. Wiz sucked. Plain and simple. But I guess you can decide.

I Know

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Everyone’s Starry Eyed, Sayin’ Yeah

So last night I went to my boys cousins girlfriends house (confusing I know) and indulged in the pre party festivities. While there they had some Bassnectar on now I’m not a huge dubstep fan mostly because its just random noises and I’m not sure how they make the noises but I listened and it kinda grew on me. Well this song is a pretty good mash up that has “Starry Eyed” by Ellie Goulding and “Say Yeah” by Wiz. This one will be a sick one to party to. Give it a try.

Everyones Starry Eyed Sayin\' Yeah

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You Know What It Is.

How about you put Wiz, T-Pain, Young Jeezy, Fab, and Maino on one song. I know it sounds over whelming but this is just want your musical taste buds are asking for. Hit the jump for the song.

Black and Yellow 2.0

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Thankful for Wiz?

New Wiz Khalifa was released on thanksgiving. Are you thankful for this man or the planes he reps?
Star Of The Show
Real Estate
F**k The Money